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Call for Gathering

Dear Web traveler,

Have you ever had the experience of searching a certain query word in google images and come across a bunch of results that don’t meet at all your visual expectations1 ?

A screenshot of the results retrieved from querying the word dream to Google Images. Among the images are a unicorn, a seal and a lemming.

Magic unicorns, seals and lemmings? I have to stop eating big meals right before bed, after all….

Screenshot of the Google Images Search result page in response to the query dream.

If yes, you’re already familiar with the subject of Fortune Cookie: the project aims at investigating the dynamics between users, images and search engines in the current panorama of the Web by involving participants from all over the world.

To do so, we would like to call for your help in the collaborative gathering of a users’ Web image archive in response to the query word dream2.

Such an archive is meant to be compared to a second one, whose items are retrieved from querying the very same word to the most popular image search engines of the moment.

So, if you’re willing to push the research further, feel free to have a look at the contribution page and submit your visual interpretation3 of dream:

We make collecting fun!

So many thanks for your help: we hope you’ll enjoy taking part in this project and helping us to fuel such an ongoing image archive!