Fortune Cookie

No more than a 5 min surf.

Gather the Archive

So, you’re willing to help the collaborative gathering of a users’ Web image archive in response to the query word dream, aren’t you?

First of all: which imagery jumps to your mind when you think about dream? Is it a clear subject, a mere color or just an atmosphere?

As soon as you’ve figured it out1, surf the Net looking for such an image, retrieve its web address2, add it to the archive via the form below and — ta-daaan! — it will become part of the archive in a flash!

So many thanks!

Allowed image file formats: .bmp, .gif, .jpg and .png.
It will never be published, so no worries.

* From our side, we fully trust your horse sense and fair play in the choice of the image and link.

From your side, you can fully trust your above personal data are collected just for the sake of being sure about your good intentions in adding a link to the archive, as well as better contextualizing your visual interpretation. Nothing more than this.