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This site is meant as an experiment of sorts and its main purpose is to replicate on a small scale the way an image search engine would work if human web travellers were to replace robots “spiders” in the indexing of the images.

Given such premise, someone would expect the interface of the archive to work similarly to the one of an ordinary image search engine1: regretfully, we have been forced to compromise with copyright law2 on the Internet and adapt the standard way it works.

After we read that even using a thumbnail counterpart of a copyrighted image in a web page for the mere sake of documenting such resource—like image search engines usually do—could be well enough to be deemed as copyright infringement, we preferred not to use any thumbnails extracted from the originals.

We are aware it’s highly probable such use would be deemed fair if the matter was taken to court, but—from what we learned3—the naked and hard truth is that fair use doesn’t allow you to infringe copyrights being priorly relieved of its potential consequences4: proving a case really falls under fair use is thus a burden of the offending party, since invoking fair use doesn’t automatically guarantee a lawsuit will be prevented in case the offended party is determined to litigate.

Since in the past there have already been similar disputes in which some heavyweight “copyright offenders” won some5 and lost some6, and since our shoulders are all but large, we preferred not to take any risk.

So, considering nowadays even hyperlinking to copyrighted content seems to be a controversial matter, can you play the internet?

Yes, of course you can.

Can you play the internet fairly?

As it is right now, it’s relies on utopian good intention.