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Infringing Links

Given that this experimental site1 heavily trusts the horse sense and fair play of its participants, and that nowadays it’s quite difficult to determine whether a submitted link is fraudulent per se2 and/or the use of a link to an image in a Web page is infringing on copyright3, it could potentially happen that some links appearing in this archive are infringing copyright or pointing to a copyright infringing image without us knowing.

Since the last thing we want is to facilitate Web travellers’ access to copyright infringing links and/or images, if you happen to spot what you think is an infringing link on our archive, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line:

not forgetting to write us the entire infringing link in its URL form as well as a bit of a context.

Once we’ve been informed that a link is infringing on copyright or pointing to a copyright infringing image, we’ll take it down in a reasonably prompt4 manner.

So many thanks for your patience and understanding.